Thursday, 9 August 2018

Shetland Mainland Watershed Walk Day 2

From Ward of Scousburgh to Quarff

Day 2 is warm but with low cloud/mist
I walk through the Old Army Signals site foundations

I see another Red throated Diver through the mist

After a few minutes the mist starts to burn off

This is another proposed Site for windmills and unfortunately the only Loch in the area private enough and long enough  for Red Throated divers to breed and take off and land from. These could be the last ones to have bred here.

A glimpse of St Ninian's Isle through the Cloud

Looking back at the Ward of Scousburgh as the cloud starts to Disperse

Approaching Twarri Field. The security fence posts are still in place from the Army signals Base but the fence and station has gone

The route ahead towards Hallilee hill

The small village of Bigton can be seen through the cloud


Approaching Hallilee 250M


Bonxies pay a visit (Skua)

They spend the next mile dive bombing me, I have to watch my foot placement to ensure I don't step on any nests

Looking back

Looking towards Hill of Gord From top of Hallilee

Passing Peats as I head down hill to cross road on way to Sneu of Ellister

Heading up Hill of Sneu of Ellister

Looking back from summit

Bonxies are back

St Ninian's Isle with Fitful Head peeping through the clouds

The route ahead The Runn and then Midi Field

 A Goose  Sitting on Nest


Golden Plover

Bonxie having a go

Looking back at Levenwick from Savers Field

Heading to Hill of Deepdale escorted by Bonxies

Time out

Looking towards Royl Field via appropriately named Bonxa Hill

Golden Plover

Another Hare

Looking back

Royl Field.
Below it to the West, slightly off the Watershed lies the remains and a memorial for a crashed WW2 Mosquito.
I will put separate photos of that from other walks later.

The wonderful island of South Havra

Looking back towards Fitful Head

Royl Field Trig point 293M with Ward of Bressay poking up above the clouds

Route ahead towards Holm Field

Bunxie eggs, that what all the fuss was about

Towards Holm Field

Looking back at Royl Field

Muskna Field Ahead and East Burra to the West

Down off Holm Field to Lax dale

Burra Isle to the West

Baby Geese in Cotton Grass

Looking back at Holm Field from the slops of Muskna Field

The summit 262M

Over Summit heading to Sheens of Breitoe

Better push on sheens of Breitoe 224M

Heading down into Quarff from the South Snuckle

Nice flower show for end of todays walk

Days mileage 16.18 Miles.
Ascent 464 M
Descent 532 M