Thursday, 9 August 2018

Shetland Mainland Watershed Day 4

From Wormadale To Loch of Voe and Sae Water

Looking back at the end of Yesterdays walk

I head North towards Wormadale Hill

To the Standing stone

Looking back from Wormadale Hill

Views to the West

Deserted House of West Hamarsland

Looking back

On towards Hill of Hamarsland

Then down towards North Knowe of Bodwell.


Pass to the West of Trolla Water

And a bus full of twitchers

Over the Water works

Looking back at Trolla Water

Looking back from Hill of Cuckron 100M

Geese on Girsie Loch

Bonxie is back

Heading towards Hill of Skurron 144M

Looking back

Some deserted Crofts  possible as result of Clearances made by lairds in the 19th Century for sheep in their greed for money.



A Beautiful hand built stone house.
 Hopefully it and others like it wont be deserted if windfarm Grant chasers have their way and cause another round of clearances.

Sand Water

Cross the Road and up the East Kames Ridge

Halfway House

Looking back

An old Land slip on Mid Kames

Looking East towards Nesting

This whole area of Shetland is thick peat bog. A great example of a carbon sink.

Looking towards Hoo Kame 209M.
The proposed Wind Farm turbines for this area will be higher than the height from the road below to the summit of Hoo Kame so it will more than double the Perceived height of this majestic hill.

Peat restoration works

Golden Plover

Restoration Head quarters


Looking back along East Kames

Summit of Hoo Kame 209 M

Looking back at Hoo Kames


Golden Plover


Loch of Voe and Sae Water from South Filla Runnie 133M

Loch of Voe

End of Days walk B9071

Daily Mileage 12.68 Miles
Ascent 464 M
Descent 532 M

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  1. That's a lorra lorra photographs - good though, I enjoyed going through them!